Urban Fu$E - DLW (EP) 

Urban Fu$E is a group with a fresh sound that blurs the lines between the melodies of pop and the soothing feel of Urban. Recently, he set out to unleash a brand new single release - a project titled “DLW.” 

These amazing songs have multiple layers that really add life and character to it. The beat is an absolute mastodon, with gigantic grooves, massive low-end and a crunchy top end that cuts right through the mix. The melodies are really well-arranged, blooming seamlessly around the rhythm and allowing the vocals to pop out at the forefront to the mix. As you might imagine, a great vocal performance is really at the core of greatness in this particular genre, and thankfully, Urban Fu$e does not fail to impress with their masterful delivery and dynamic lyrical flow. The songwriting on these tracks comes from a very personal place and feels very expressive. At the same time, it is also very catchy and easy to relate to - few artists can combine integrity and appeal so successfully, but it definitely feels like an easy task for Urban Fu$e, who performs with passion and vision. 

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