Urban Fu$e are a five member musical collective whose membership and musical taste spans the globe. 

With a name which reflects both the international fusion of the group as well as their musical stylings, Urban Fu$e are certainly a fuse in more ways than one. Their members come from Abuja, Nigeria; Nassau, Bahamas; Nashville, Tennessee; San Francisco, California; and London, England, while their music is a blend of hip/hop, rap, dance hall, K-Pop, and Latin. Their music is united with a strong dance beat, meaning that regardless of their different origins Urban Fu$e come together in perfect harmony – something the rest of the world could probably learn from.

The group chose the name not only because of the multicultural nature of their members and their music, but also because they consider themselves to be fuses; the spark for the musical revolution to come. 

Urban Fu$e have recently released their first track, ‘Can’t Steal My Deal’. The song, which is just under four minutes long, has components of London Grime, Drum and Bass, Hip Hop and Dance Hall. The track is underpinned by a strong beat which, coalesces with the vocals of the band members, as well as other instrumentation. 

Both opening and closing with menacing laughter, there’s a sort of threatening feeling to the song, which invites the listener to play it over and over. Listening closely, you can hear the individual styles of the artists; different voices stepping in to take the lead on verses – a true united nations of music. 

Altogether ‘Can’t Steal My Deal’ is a very catchy track, and we hope to hear more


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