Urban Fu$e Unite Eclectic Palette of Musical Cultures, Watch Video for Freedom Now


Urban Fu$e is a group of creatives uniting from all over the world to create a unifying sound derived from an eclectic palette of musical cultures. How eclectic you ask? 

Members of Urban Fu$e are located in Yaounde, Cameroon, Lago, Nigeria, The Bahamas, Nashville, San Francisco, London and Vietnam. Founded by songwriter, producer and creative director Suzanna Lam, the group’s EP DLW1 is currently available. Three singles have found their way into the ears, hearts and minds of listeners and taste makers across the planet with much more yet to come. 

Whether exploring the styles of Afrobeat, Latin, Dance Hall, V-Pop, Hip Hop or anything else, Urban Fu$e found every track in a strong, danceable beat. You could say this is part of their signature sound. 

Their name has a double meaning. The obvious being a fusion of cultures and styles. The not-so-obvious yet clever meaning represents the fact that each of its members are fuses; here to spark the {multi-cultural} musical revolution that is to come. 

Freedom is the third single from Urban Fu$e’s DLW1 project and comes behind the release of two previous singles, Big and Runaway. 

DLW1 is what you could call a sonic novel. Big and Runaway open the book, introduce the characters and lead us into the story line. Freedom is chapter 3 in the continuation of this unfolding story. 

To catch you up on the storyline…and I will be very brief in my summary. Runaway introduces us to a heartbreaking story where our lead character has been dumped by his lover. While grieving, his Pre-K crush contacts him and lets him know she is there for him whenever he needs her. The moral of the story is love is blind. 

Big helps us learn about our lead character. His poor upbringing, lack of guidance early in life, and his dream. The dream is be like Hershey, the guy who founded the chocolate company in Pennsylvania many many years ago. Not necessarily the chocolate part, but the success. 

Freedom (premiering today) takes us deeper into the persona, thoughts and feelings of our lead character. We learn how he thinks about freedom, how he acknowledges that freedom has not existed in his bloodline for generations, and that he made his way into gang life as a way to find his own freedom. However, quickly learning that was a dead end path, he changed course. 

Prepare for an amalgamation of sounds and musical styles you haven’t experienced before. 

Watch the video for Freedom below or subscribe on YouTube. 

Watch the video for Runaway on YouTube. Listen to DLW1 on Spotify. 

Connect with Urban Fu$e on their official website.

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