Urban Fu$e Takes Center Stage With DLW 


"DLW" is the new 9-song EP (out 5/24) from International group Urban Fu$e, which was founded by songwriter, producer and creative director, Suzanna Lam. Three singles have seen their way into the spotlight this year; "Big," "Runaway" and "Freedom," and now with the new release in tow, the group are ready to take things to the next level. 

DLW1 starts out with a scene of a heart breaking story in which a guy is being dumped by his lover/girlfriend in Runaway. He's in pain, a whole lot of pain and also embarrassed. And while he's wailing in pain his pre-K crush tells him how she feels about him and reassures him she's there whenever he needs her but really love is blind (referring to her being blind for loving him and yet him not loving her back and also referring to the fact that he's blind not seeing his former love interest was cheating on him with another guy). 

To get over his embarrassment of being dumped, he decides perhaps to leave town and pursue something that he always wanted to do in his life since he was very young, which is to be like Hershey, the founder of the mega successful chocolate manufacturer in the Pennsylvania, USA. 

In Big, we learn how his childhood had been for him. He came from a very poor background not having any guidance in early years of his life. But Hershey's story inspired him to be somebody someday and be like Hershey. And while Big seems to be talking about him making it the reality is it's still a dream for him as he daydreamed of that success is going to look like some day. We further learn about how he thinks about life in Freedom. He has always thought about the poor conditions people around him have been living their lives and how their freedom including his have been taken away from them for many generations and his family tree hasn't really changed. All he wants is to have the freedom to be all that he can be. We also learn that he got into gangs in earlier years in his life and decided that that is not the route is going to continue down for the rest of his life. 

As he's changing the course of his life, he understands the most important principle of winning in life is to keep his score and count his success, work hard with a team of people. In Scoreboard we learn that he actually has a group of people who are also committed to the same success as he is and they all play the same game (basketball is being used as an analogy in Scoreboard). But having a strong desire to win to have total freedom by working hard and keeping score will not get him far if he doesn't know how to handle his money and wealth well. Thus, in RIP (Retirement in Peace)he learns how to save his money and grow his money. Two important principles of money he learns is: compound interest and the tax man. In Big he already says he shies from any illegal so we know he's not trying to cheat the tax man. He's just saying tax planning should be in the equation of wealth building. 

In the mean time, his Pre-K crush, also has the same dream about success. In Splurge, she talks about how she comes out of from being in debt (double seeing CC or Credit Card) to becoming a successful business woman by just being an entrepreneur and not rely on anyone, including the government to take care of her. He and she finally see eye to eye with one another in 2=1 where he realizes she's the one he wants to be with for the rest of his life because he can be like him without pretense and she's always there to support in whatever he does without judging him. So they get married and live happily ever after. 

The last note he has for his audience is that all the things he has achieved in life, the financial success as well as his marriage is the result of him intentionally set to achieve those things. It wasn't just luck in No Luck. He has worked hard for it coming up in the entertainment industry, got recognition (wining the Grammy), be in partnership with his wife investing in real estate (her venture in Splurge) buying and selling hotels, never thinks about fame but just wants to be true to himself (being loyal to his own character) and helps to give back to the world (by building hospital in Big). He never does anything without a purpose. He's very focused in achieving his end goal. 

To conclude the EP, he has a message for all of us. To be successful in life one must move forward and advance human race Avancer to the next level by achieving peace, joy and equality. Even in the face of life challenges and regressions while he travels the world and works around the world, with some bad people, with some good people, he never forgets where he came from and he keeps building on his only asset he has, knowledge, by expanding it. The moral of this EP is regardless of where you come from and how hard life has been to you, as long as you have the willingness to learn new thing and bend with life circumstances, you will be successful. 

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